Opencart module to calculate shipping cost by category.


This plugin will allow admin user to set a fixed cost for each category. The total shipping cost is the minimum of the cost of each category, once for each category in the cart.

For example, if a client has 3 product in cart as follows:

The costs are:

The total shipping cost will be 5.


Extract/add files to proper filepath:

  • admin/controller/shipping/category.php
  • admin/language/italian/shipping/category.php
  • admin/view/template/shipping/category.tpl
  • catalog/model/shipping/category.php
  • catalog/language/italian/shipping/category.php
  • catalog/language/english/shipping/category.php

Modify MySQL DB:

  • INSERT INTO <prefix>_extension (type, code) VALUES (‘shipping’, ‘category’);

Access OpenCart admin backend:

  • Give permission to system -> user groups -> top admin -> */category (ie: to all entries with category)
  • Set costs by category in extensions -> shipping -> fixed cost by category


  • 2014-01-06 -> Initial release.

Sources available on GitHub