Opencart module to calculate shipping cost based on sub-total.


This plugin will allow admin user to set free shipping over a certain subtotal (minimum value defined by the admin) of the user cart. The display name is set to “Raccomandata” (an italian shipment), but you can change this easily to fit your needs.

For example, if a client has products in his cart and is paying less than 80€, the shipping is not free. Otherwise, when the subtotal is equal or more than 80€, the shipping is free.


Extract/add files to proper filepath:

  • admin/controller/shipping/raccomandata.php
  • admin/language/english/shipping/raccomandata.php
  • admin/language/italian/shipping/raccomandata.php
  • admin/view/template/shipping/raccomandata.tpl
  • catalog/model/shipping/raccomandata.php
  • catalog/language/english/shipping/raccomandata.php
  • catalog/language/italian/shipping/raccomandata.php

Modify MySQL DB:

  • INSERT INTO <prefix>_extension (type, code) VALUES (‘shipping’, ‘raccomandata’);

Access OpenCart admin backend:

  • Give permission to system -> user groups -> top admin -> */raccomandata (ie: to all entries with raccomandata)
  • Set costs in extensions -> shipping -> raccomandata


  • 2014-01-08 -> Initial release.

Sources available on GitHub