League of Legends on Ubuntu 14.04

This is a comprehensive tutorial on how to install and play League of Legends on Ubuntu 14.04, Mint 17 and every other recent GNU/Linux distro. For example, I assume you will be skilled enough to adapt the following commands to Arch if you run it.

If you don’t know what League of Legends is, let me just tell you that it’s a multiplayer online game (somehow similar to a MOBA / tower defence game, but overall a child of DotA) and my favourite way of reducing everyday stress. Unfortunately it’s not available as a native GNU/Linux game: currently, it’s only available on Windows and Mac Os X. I only run GNU/Linux on my PCs, so I had to find a way to run LoL on them.

Let’s take the necessary steps:

  1. Install your proprietary video card driver, if you want/need. IMHO, this is not really necessary if you have a decent PC.
    • Open System Settings –> Softwares & Updates –> Additional Drivers and click on the proprietary driver option.

  2. Install PlayOnLinux
    sudo install playonlinux

  3. Install League of Legends through PlayOnLinux
    • Open PlayOnLinux
    • Click “Install”
    • Search “League of Legends” without quotes, leaving the “Testing” checkbox enabled
    • Select the game and click the “Install” button.
    • Just keep clicking Next >> Next >> Next >> … until you reach the Finish button. Make sure you don’t change anything, install in the default directory and unmark the “Launch League of Legends” checkbox when the installation is over.

  4. Install TuxLoL and some needed extra packages
    • Install mono and libmono-system-core4.0-cil
      sudo apt-get install mono-runtime libmono-system-core4.0-cil
    • Download TuxLoL: https://bitbucket.org/Xargoth/tuxlol/wiki/Home or direct link
    • Unzip the archive anywhere you want
    • Enter the folder where you just unzipped it (you will see the tuxlol.exe file) and execute it with
      mono tuxlol.exe patch --dir LEAGUE_OF_LEGENDS_DIR
    • Replace LEAGUE_OF_LEGENDS_DIR with your League of Legends directory. In my case, it’s installed here:
      ~/.PlayOnLinux/wineprefix/LeagueOfLegends/drive_c/Riot\ Games/League\ of\ Legends/

  5. Prevent Game Store big items
    • Move to the following folder with
      cd ~/.PlayOnLinux/wineprefix/LeagueOfLegends/drive_c/Riot\ Games/League\ of\ Legends/RADS/solutions/lol_game_client_sln/releases/
    • Open the file corresponding to the resolution you play with. For example, hud1600x900.ini
    • Add these lines and save:

  6. Install Internet Explorer to access Riot Store
    • Open PlayOnLinux
    • Select League of Legends
    • Click on the “Configure” button
    • Select the “Install components” tab
    • Find Internet Explorer 6 and install it
    • Do not install any update if asked during the installation progress
    • Choose to reboot later at the end

  7. Play League of Legends!

Commenti (8)

  1. ңey un mio amico mi ha twittato il link a questo blog e sono venuta a vedere se veramentе merita.
    Mi piace molto. L’ho aggiunto tra i preferiti. Magnifico blog e grafica meraviglioso!

  2. So.. i followed this tutorial to the letter.. so far so good…
    on item 5 however, where you say to move this folder.. i run the code as shown and get the following:

    cd ~/.PlayOnLinux/wineprefix/LeagueOfLegends/drive_c/Riot\ Games/League\ of\ Legends/RADS/solutions/lol_game_client_sln/releases/

    bash: cd: /home/gugabfigueiredo/.PlayOnLinux/wineprefix/LeagueOfLegends/drive_c/Riot Games/League of Legends/RADS/solutions/lol_game_client_sln/releases/ No such file or directory

    • You have to change the release number ;) in this case, being the release number

      cd ~/.PlayOnLinux/wineprefix/LeagueOfLegends/drive_c/Riot\ Games/League\ of\ Legends/RADS/solutions/lol_game_client_sln/releases/

      • Not the actual problem, I’m afraid.. Should have explained it better…

        After patches release now is “″, but the thing is, there is not “menu” folder in “/”
        “DATA” folder contains only 2 folders: “cfg” and “images”

        • Now something weird happened… game wont go to loading screen

          I tryied to start a custom match to check framerate and game wont go to loading screen.
          Wine program loader shows on launcher, but loading screen is not responding

  3. Hey there… there has been a patch recently.. so i reaplied Tuxlol

    But i am still stuck at step 5. Prevent Game Store Big Items

    inside “releases/” folder there is no “menu” folder.

    Adtionally, I can no longer log into LoL. Always getting “no response from server” message.

  4. Right.. went back and took the tutorial all over again.
    So uninstalled/reinstalled LoL.
    waited for game patch and applied tuxlol patch.

    Now a couple of issues follow.

    Login screen splash art is recised off center, leaving black margins at bottom and to the right. But login goes on smoothly.

    In game shop was fine even without applying fix for items size. Realized that at least 1 game must be played with each resolution before their specific file is created and can be modified as per step 5 of your tutorial. Went on to apply fix anyway for safety mesures.

    Framerate is a little south of what I hoped. It’s about 20~35, at both standard and high quality graphics, while I used to play at a steady 60 in windows (same machine). Is there anything else that can be done to that sense?

    Recently became unable to play at all. Bugsplat after loading screen (after the whole 100% loading). Attempted to reconnect to game, but then I got firewall issue. Same happens everygame now.

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